Working Together, Aiming High, Shining Brightly
Let your light shine before others - Matthew 5:16

Chestnut Class is our Year 3 and 4 children


This term our topic is

The Anglo Saxons and The Vikings


This term in literacy we will begin by looking at suspenseful narrative through The Wolves in the wall. We will then focus on Non-Chronological reports using a text about Skeletons and Muscles and finally towards Christmas we will look at persuasive social media posts.


In maths this term we will cover Place value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Year 4 will also focus on Area.


Our topics in RE this term will be:

How and why people try to make the world a better place, which will focus primarily on The Golden rule and how different belief systems and religions try to implement this.

and What is the Trinity and why is it important to Christians?

Topic (History)
This term our topic is the history based topic of Saxons and Vikings. We will begin by looking at the Anglo-Saxons focusing on who they were, where they came from and why they came to Britain. We will learn about Anglo-Saxon life including what their houses were like and we will learn about the meaning of some Anglo-Saxon place names.
We will think about Sutton Hoo and what the artefacts tell us about the Anglo-Saxons and also think about Lindisfarne and Alfred the Great.
We will then move onto The Vikings and who they were and why they came to Britain, how they came here in their longboats and think about whether they were raiders or traders and find out about what Viking life in Britain was like.

In science we will be learning about Animals including humans. This will include learning about the different food groups and what a balanced diet is. We will also learn about how the different food groups help us and how food labels help us to choose which foods are good for us and which ones should be eaten in moderation.
We will then move onto looking at skeletons which will include learning about vertebrates and invertebrates, knowing the function of the skeleton and learning about how muscles and the skeleton work together. We will learn the names of some of the bones and investigate whether the length of someone’s thigh bone affects how far they can jump.
Next we will look at teeth and how we can look after them, as well as the types of teeth that humans have and the function of each type of tooth. We will also look at animals whose different tooth types are based on their diet. This will then lead us onto the digestive organs and digestive process and food chains.

We will be creating our own crazy portraits in the style of Andy Warhol. We will be learning about this great artist and will be using a range of mediums to create four different portraits, all incorporating the techniques that Andy Warhol is famous for.


This term the children will focus on two units. The first unit is called ‘Let your spirits fly’.This is a six-week unit of work. All the learning in this unit is focused around one song: Let Your Spirit Fly- an R&B song for children. We will be covering activities where the games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), singing and playing instruments are all linked.

The second unit is learning to play the glockenspiel. It will introduce the children to learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel. The learning is focused around exploring and developing playing skills through the glockenspiel. We will also be spending a considerable amount of time learning the songs for our fantastic Christmas production.

This term we will be learning how to code, used spreadsheets as well as staying safe online.


This term our focus will be food technology: we will be designing, making and evaluating a soup for a Saxon family. We will be thinking about taste, ingredients used, food from Saxon times, aroma, texture and nutrition. The children will get to taste and evaluate a number of different foods too.




PE will take place on a Monday and Wednesday. This term we will look at: Tag rugby, scoreball and we will also learn a viking dance.

Over the course of the term we will cover the following areas;
• Classroom instructions
• Ask what someone’s name is and say their own name
• Say 11 different colours
• Ask how someone is and answer in a number of ways
• Say the numbers 0-10 in sequence and out of sequence
• Simple nativity play

In PSHE this term, our topics will be Being me in my world and celebrating difference.





Homework is given out on a Monday and is to be handed in on the following Monday.

Timetable Rockstars

The children have been introduced to the Timetable Rockstars and have their own log in. Please encourage your child to play 5 minutes a day on the garage game.
Please continue to practise times table and division facts up to 12, the expectation is that the children are fluent with these at the end of year four.


Children are expected to read daily.


First day isolation

If your child needs to self isolate then work will be placed on seesaw every night ready for your child to complete the next day. For their first day of isolation when there is no work on seesaw please use the ideas on this page for your child.

Isolation Work 


The documents below give parents information about the curriculum, timetable and homework




Maths Long Term Plan

New curriculum spelling list

Timetable Rockstars

Information for Year 4 Parents regarding the Multiplication Tables Check