Chestnut Class is our Year 3 and 4 children


This term our topic is


The Savage Stone Age to the Brilliant Bronze Age


Our topic this term we will be looking at exploring the Stone Age. We will look at what made this period in history special by exploring the discoveries and inventions. We will look at what cave men were really like and discover what it would have been like to live in those times. We will examine the types of homes people used to live in , what they ate and how they farmed. We will also learn why historical artefacts are important and how we can use them to help us discover information about the past. 


PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday


Homework is given out on a Monday  and is to be handed in on the following Monday. Spelling test is on Monday so please support your child by practising at home together.

Timetable Rockstars

The children have been introduced to the Timetable Rockstars and have their own log in. Please encourage your child to play 5 minutes a day on the garage game.
Please continue to practise times table and division facts up to 12, the expectation is that the children are fluent with these at the end of year four.

Children are expected to read daily.


First day isolation

If your child needs to self isolate then work will be placed on seesaw every night ready for your child to complete the next day. For their first day of isolation when there is no work on seesaw please use the ideas on this page for your child.

Isolation Day 1


The documents below give parents information about the curriculum, timetable and homework


Curriculum Update 

Long Term Plans 

Curriculum Long Term Plans amended due to Covid

Timetable Rockstars

Information for Year 4 Parents regarding the Multiplication Tables Check