Welcome to Acorn class

We are a small mixed class of Reception and Year 1 children. This term's theme is 'Adventure is Out There!' We will be exploring texts and films where characters go on exciting adventures in a range of settings, to inspire our own adventure stories.


 The Magic Bed

 up house                         

  We will be thinking about our local environment and think about ways in which we can look after it. We will be planting flowers and vegetables, thinking about what they need to grow successfully and observing changes over time.



In maths, Foundation Stage will be matching the quantity to its digit. Year 1 are learning their number bonds to 10 and addition and subtraction to 20.


The value this term is Independence and Respect and we have plenty of that in Acorn Class!


 Welly Wednesday

Outdoor learning is a big part of our learning in Acorn Class. Children will need a waterproof coat with a hood, wellies, extra socks and an extra layer of clothing (such as waterproof trousers or jogging bottoms) - we will be going out whatever the weather! We will be thinking about how the environment and weather is changing leading up to Spring. We will be doing a lot of activities to support the local environment and wildlife, including making bird feeders and animal shelters.

hedgehog shelter

Internet safety day

 We read the story of 'Chicken Clicking'. She made a lot of mistakes online which we discussed as a class.

acorn 5

Foundation Stage made some Chicken Clicking collages.

We talked about what we do online (watch Youtube videos, watch Netflix, or play games such as Minecraft)

acorn 2acorn 3

We then talked about what to do if we see something that scares us or upsets us online. We wrote on a 'hand of support' who we would talk to (at school and at home.)

acorn 4Acorn 1


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