Welcome to Acorn class


We are a small mixed class of Reception and Year 1 children. As we welcome our new children into Acorn class, we will be learning the rules and routines of the classroom and how these keep us safe.


This term Acorn class are focusing on Castles. In history we will be finding out why castles were built. We will be finding out who lived in the castle, what life would have been like every day in the castle and what would have happened when it was attacked. How did the special features of the castle help them to defend it? We will be learning new vocabulary such as drawbridge, portcullis and moat.

We will continue to build on our knowledge of the UK by finding out where castles were built in the UK and why, developing our geographical vocabulary. We will understand that castles were usually built on high ground, surrounded by woodland and a water source.

In our literacy lessons we will begin to use our knowledge of castles in descriptions of castles and knights. Year 1 will begin to write their own non-fiction books to demonstrate their castle knowledge.

Our science work will be based around materials. We will name and group different objects by what they are made of to understand why things are made of certain materials. We will investigate the strength and effectiveness of different materials and their properties (such as waterproof.) We will also consider how to make our own catapults!

Our art work has been inspired this half term by the painting 'Castle and the Sun'. We have studied the shapes and patterns in the picture and have used a range of art materials including water colours, pastels and simple printing techniques to produce our own art work.

We have also looked at portraits of Kings and Queens and have painted our own royal portrait.

In maths this term our focus is addition and subtraction. We will begin to explore the process practically using counters and Numicon, beginning to understand how to make and record simple totals. Year 1 will further investigate the relationship between addition and subtraction as they discover the related facts.

We have begun our Jigsaw program this term with 'Dreams and Goals' - we are thinking about how to overcome challenges. This has linked nicely to the introduction of 'Skip2BFit'. We skip everyday for two minutes and try to beat our own score each day. We are getting much better at skipping and enjoying trying to get a personal best!


 Acorn castle

castle construction     Paul klee 2

Paul Klee 1

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The values this term are Enthusiasm and Appreciation, we have plenty of that in Acorn Class!


 Welly Wednesday

Outdoor learning is a big part of our learning in Acorn Class. Children will need a waterproof coat with a hood, wellies, extra socks and an extra layer of clothing (such as waterproof trousers or jogging bottoms) - we will be going out whatever the weather! We will be thinking about how the environment and weather is changing leading up to Spring. We will be doing a lot of activities to support the local environment and wildlife, including making bird feeders and animal shelters.

hedgehog shelter



Please keep your child’s reading book and diary in their book bag and sign it each time you hear your child read.


PE takes place on a Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Children may come to school dressed in P.E. kit


Please log in to your child’s Seesaw (Year 1) or Tapestry (FS) account to see what they have been doing.


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