Welcome to Acorn class


We are a small mixed class of Reception and Year 1 children. As we welcome our new children into Acorn class, we will be learning the rules and routines of the classroom and how these keep us safe.

This term our focus is 'What Happens in Winter?'

We will begin with 'The Jolly Postman' where we will follow him on his rounds to different characters from traditional tales.

D.T focus: Can you build a strong house for the Three Little Pigs?

Our role play is a post office to encourage communication and language skills as we take on different roles.

Literacy focus: Can you write a message/letter/card to someone in your class? In your family? In a different part of the country?

Geography focus: Can you name the four countries of the UK and capital cities?

When reading 'Rabbit and Bear' we will discuss different woodland animals. Can you name and group the animals? (science focus.)
We will discuss hibernation and what this means. Which animals hibernate?

'Leaf' is a story about a polar bear on a journey.
Geography focus: Can we use maps to find hot and cold places? Can you find the equator?
D.T focus: Can you make a flying machine for Leaf to get home?
History focus: How has air travel changed over time?

             the jolly postman 1                                  Leaf front cover                            Bear and rabbit                   


This term in Maths we are focusing on Careful 1:1 counting, being able to recognise the corresponding digit. We will be counting forwards and backwards, using songs and rhymes to help us. In Year 1 we will also be recognising and writing numbers in digits and words.


Ten Green Bottles | Nursery Rhymes | Recycle Songs



Festival crafts and celebrations:
Bonfire night, Thanksgiving and Christmas: How, where and when are they celebrated? How do different families celebrate


The value this term is Friendship and we have plenty of that in Acorn Class!


 Welly Wednesday

Outdoor learning is a big part of our learning in Acorn Class. Children will need a waterproof coat with a hood, wellies, extra socks and an extra layer of clothing (such as waterproof trousers or jogging bottoms) - we will be going out whatever the weather! We will be thinking about how the environment and weather is changing leading up to Spring. We will be doing a lot of activities to support the local environment and wildlife, including making bird feeders and animal shelters.

hedgehog shelter



Please keep your child’s reading book and diary in their book bag and sign it each time you hear your child read.


PE takes place on a Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Children may come to school dressed in P.E. kit


Please log in to your child’s Seesaw (Year 1) or Tapestry (FS) account to see what they have been doing.


Curriculum updates

Parent information for yearly plan 2019 - 2020


Here is a helpful web link to use at home:

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