Why choose our school?

Our school is one family
Every member of staff knows every single child at Eileen Wade – this is a real community, where we know a child’s age, their siblings and their parents. Equally each child knows the name of every other child in the school. We promote belonging and a real sense of unity.

Our class sizes are small
Our teacher/pupil ratio is high, so children receive more one-to-one teaching time and a highly-personalised learning experience. Our mixed year group classes also enable pupils to learn with older children when appropriate.

Our unique location

We take full advantage of the abundance of open space, fresh air and wildlife right on our doorstep. Welly walks, nature walks, den building and mini beast discoveries are very much an everyday part of school life!

Our nurturing environment
Mixed age classes mean children are encouraged to care for and support each other - a skill which they learn for life. Having different year groups learning and playing together creates a wonderfully positive environment for all.

Our staff
Our team is passionate and highly committed to providing the very best for our children. We have a strong record of high academic achievement and when the time comes, pupils are successfully prepared for secondary school education.

Our Ofsted report
We are exceptionally proud of our most recent Ofsted report which rates us as 'Good’

'With the support of staff, you ensure the highest levels of care and welfare to promote the wellbeing of all pupils'

Don't just take our word for it, come and see us!