The Governing Body of the Federation of Eileen Wade and Milton Ernest c of E Primary Schools meets regularly throughout the school year. The Full Governing Body meets five times during the academic year. There are three main sub-committees that meet at least termly and are responsible for:

a) Resources - (Finance, Health and Safety, Buildings, Pay and Personnel)

b) Teaching and Learning (Curriculum and Standards)


Current membership of our current Governing Body is as follows:


Dr James Bass

Chair of Full Governing Body

Co-opted Governor


Mrs Lydia Wilkie

Local Authority Governor

Vice Chair of full Governing Body


Mr Jonathan Allen

Parent Governor


Rev’d Peter Kay

Foundation (Church of England)


 Mrs Lisa Virnuls



Mrs Lisa Smith

Staff Governor


Mr Adrian Winter

Co-opted Governor


Mrs Clare McNeill

Partnership Governor


Mr Adam Brown

Co-opted Governor


Rev'd Stephen Holroyd

Foundation Governor




Instrument of Governance


Federation of Eileen Wade and Milton Ernest church of England Primary Schools

Register of Interest - Governing Board

Name Date of Appointment Term Type of Governor Appointee Business Interest Other Governing Bodies Personal relation with Staff/Pupils - Yes/No Attendance at FGB
James Bass 06/06/19 4 years Co-Opted Governing Board None None Yes- Father to a child at Eileen Wade Primary School 5/5
Jonathan Allen 23/03/17  4 Years Parent  Parents at Eileen Wade Primary School Own Marketing Agency specialising in Education. Chair of the Deaf/Blind schools in Jordan   None Yes - Father of a child at Eileen Wade Primary School   4/5
Adam Brown  15/07/2020  4 Years  Co-opted  Governing Board      Yes - Father of 3 children at Eileen Wade Primary School 2 /5
Adrian Winter 02/12/17  4 years  Co Opted  Co Opted/Governing Board  None  None  No  5/5 

Peter Kay 


02/09/14  Open  Foundation  Diocese  None  None  No  5/5 
Clare McNeil 07/1217 

4 years


Partnership  Governing Board None  None  None  1/5 
Lisa Virnuls 04/09/15  Open  Headteacher Governing Board  None  None  Yes - Headteacher at both Eileen Wade and Milton Ernest Primary Schools.   5/5 
Lisa Smith  26/09/2019  4 years  Staff  Staff  None  None  Yes- Staff at Eileen Wade Primary School  5/5 
Lydia Wilkie 26/09/2019 4 years Local Authority Bedford Borough  None None Yes- Mother of 2 children at Eileen Wade Primary School  5/5
Stephen Holroyd 26/09/2019 4 years Foundation  Dioceses  A member of Diocesan Educaational Trust    No  4/5