The Governing Body of the Federation of Eileen Wade and Milton Ernest c of E Primary Schools meets regularly throughout the school year. The Full Governing Body meets five times during the academic year. There are three main sub-committees that meet at least termly and are responsible for:

a) Resources - (Finance, Health and Safety, Buildings, Pay and Personnel)

b) Teaching and Learning (Curriculum and Standards)


Current membership of our current Governing Body is as follows:


Dr James Bass

Chair of Full Governing Body

Co-opted Governor



Vice Chair of full Governing Body


Mr Jonathan Allen

Parent Governor


Rev’d Peter Kay

Foundation (Church of England)


 Mrs Lisa Virnuls



Mrs Lisa Smith

Staff Governor


​Deborah Kuzonyei

Co-opted Governor


Mr Adam Brown

Co-opted Governor


Rev'd Stephen Holroyd

Foundation Governor




Instrument of Governance


Federation of Eileen Wade and Milton Ernest church of England Primary Schools

Register of Interest - Governing Board

Name Date of Appointment Term Type of Governor Appointee Business Interest Other Governing Bodies Personal relation with Staff/Pupils - Yes/No Attendance at FGB
James Bass 06/06/19 4 years Co-Opted Governing Board None None Yes- Father to a child at Eileen Wade Primary School 5/5
Jonathan Allen 23/03/17  4 Years Parent  Parents at Eileen Wade Primary School Own Marketing Agency specialising in Education. Chair of the Deaf/Blind schools in Jordan   None Yes - Father of a child at Eileen Wade Primary School   4/5
Adam Brown  15/07/2020  4 Years  Co-opted  Governing Board      Yes - Father of 3 children at Eileen Wade Primary School 2 /5
Deborah Kuzonyei 11/01/2022 4 years  Co Opted  Co Opted/Governing Board  None  None  No  /5

Peter Kay 


02/09/14  Open  Foundation  Diocese  None  None  No  5/5 



Lisa Virnuls 04/09/15  Open  Headteacher Governing Board  None  None  Yes - Headteacher at both Eileen Wade and Milton Ernest Primary Schools.   5/5 
Lisa Smith  26/09/2019  4 years  Staff  Staff  None  None  Yes- Staff at Eileen Wade Primary School  5/5 
Stephen Holroyd 26/09/2019 4 years Foundation  Dioceses  A member of Diocesan Educaational Trust    No  4/5