Internet Safety Day - 5th February 2019

Years 5 & 6

IMG 5725The children learned about how to stay safe online, particularly looking at Social Media. They worked in groups to create a product to help children stay safe whilst using the internet which they then had to 'pitch' to the class, Dragon's Den style. They needed to look at the problems facing children today and try to come up with a solution. The other children grilled them thoroughly before deciding whether to invest.





Years 3 & 4

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 Foundation and Year 1

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We read the story of 'Chicken Clicking'. She made a lot of mistakes online which we discussed as a class.



Foundation Stage made some Chicken Clicking collages.




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We then talked about what to do if we see something that scares us or upsets us online. We wrote on a 'hand of support' who we would talk to (at school and at home.)

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We talked about what we do online (watch Youtube videos, watch Netflix, or play games such as Minecraft)

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